Desperate Housewives is among those TV greats that merely work, be it down for you to great acting, stunning scripting or extremely developed characters, this is one of the shows that works Desperate Housewives Season 8 Episode 10. The characters Bree, Gabrielle, Lynette, Edie and Susan all have their particular personalities and humour, so even if you get one character hard to identify with currency trading another you can distinguish with Desperate Housewives Season 8 Episode 10.

The acting ensemble is often a class act, with various different stars doing small cameo roles which can be truly stunning, and hilarious Desperate Housewives Season 8 Episode 10. The mysteries that take the show along really keep you gripped (the second series wasn’t rather as hot) Desperate Housewives Season 8 Episode 10.

Desperate Housewives has already made a direct effect on society and the show remains to be going strong into this forth series. Great humour great stories and great characters, there’s not a lot wrong with this particular show.

I am an enormous fan of desperate houswives and i have a home in England so were half way over the 2nd series. I have just done watching the episode were Mike learns that Susan sent Zack to Utah understanding that final scene just stuffed my eyes with crying and how she was at a wedding dress and how each one of her friends where seeing and she falls for you to her knees after Paul left. It’s just so emotive.

Both the series are simply just great, i can’t remember finding anything els on T. V. like this. It has the power to make you laugh, to make you be sad, to shock you in order to make you think.

My favourite character will have to be either Susan or even Lynette, i like how irresistibly insane but lovable and you need to go and give her a major hug. I like Lynette because of how she manipulates the girl husband and kids.

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